Our Journey

2004—Sawyer Creative was founded in Encinitas, California, initially offering freelance advertising, marketing, and public relations services to several thriving businesses in the San Diego area.

2006—Company added ghostwriting to its list of services when it's contracted to write a humorous suspense novel for a nationally-recognized business leader.

2006—Company moved operations to picturesque Fort Collins, Colorado where it continues providing advertising and public relations services to local businesses, as well as co-authoring the book, The Other Side of Pregnancy.

2006—Company began consulting for live performance video, assisting with stage lighting, camera operation, and video switching for a weekly multi-camera event.

2007—Company began a five year association with Grizzly Adams Productions, writing all of Grizzly Adams public relations, publicity, and feature articles, as well as television commercial scripts. Company also served as a book editor.

2011—Company relocated to Central Florida to take advantage of a wide array of creative industry relationships, burgeoning business opportunities, and to be closer to family.

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