We know your challenges.

We've been where you are. You name it, we've probably done it. More than once.


Here are some of our personal accomplishments:

Back of Beyond

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Feature Film


One of our principals is credited with the original story, as well as the screenplay and an associate producer role for the feature film, BACK OF BEYOND. The film was shot on location in the Australian Outback.


Production Company

Beyond Films


Distribution Company


The Long Flight Home

Animated Character Development


Our principals wrote the story, including a feature film screenplay and preteen book about the adventures of two history-hopping seabirds, The Long Flight Home. 



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The Other Side of Pregnancy


One of our principals co-authored the book, The Other Side of Pregnancy, with Dr. Trenton Scott.




Motion Pictures
The company owns the rights to more than a dozen original screenplays.
The company has created several television pilot scripts and series bibles.
As a former ad agency copywriter, broadcast producer, and creative director, one of our principals has written and produced literally hundreds of print advertisements, radio and television commercials, annual reports, sales brochures and films, and virtually every other form of marketing communications yet devised. See some samples on the Portfolio page.
Public Relations
Our principals have written articles and news releases for a wide variety of companies and industries. 
Our principals have created several websites for companies and individuals.
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